Ciara Crossan, Founder & CEO, Wedding Dates

Ciara Crossan is a tech entrepreneur who combined a degree in Business Information Systems with a family background in hotels to found WeddingDates 10 years ago. WeddingDates addresses a gap in the wedding market, matching couples searching for the perfect wedding venue with hotels and venues looking to generate leads and qualified enquiries for dates they have available to sell.

Ciara is a self-professed evangelist on all things web and weddings and is an expert in sales, marketing and PR for small businesses. Under the leadership of her infectious enthusiasm, industry knowledge and entrepreneurial drive, WeddingDates has won numerous awards and Ciara herself was shortlisted as “Outstanding Entrepreneur” in the UK Women 1st SHINE Awards in 2013.

WeddingDates works with 650 hotels and venues across Ireland and the UK and has delivered in excess of 200,000 wedding enquiries to those hotels which have resulted in more than 11,000 weddings across the UK & Ireland with a value of £80M to their hotel & venue clients.